CORECAST #MarchEpisode

Are y'all ready for some top notch crossbreed ?

Craving that sweet hardcore DnB ?

Well we've got you covered .

Here is what to expect later this month...

Our next CORECAST features a true crossbreed genius !

This polish mastermind has a fetish for kick's and snares from hell .

We've had the pleasure of him blasting tunes at one of our very own CORE events in the past and you better believe he'll be back in the future!

And as of lately he's also dropping bombs as an industrial hardcore warrior under his alias "Nonexistent".

But you can consider "industrial hardcore" like his chick on the side :) Raw hardcore DnB is what this man is known for.

You can find his very unique and distinctive style on practically EVERY massive label there is in the game , he's a part of the biggest raves and festivals around the world.

Ladies and gents , we are more than proud to have this MONSTER on our CORECAST series. We bring you ...

Switch Technique !!!

➡ Facebook:

➡ Soundcloud:

➡ Partyflock:

➡ Instagram:

Switch Technique Bookings :

➡ EU:

➡ UK:

So here you go folks !

Be on the lookout as this will be uploaded in the very near future .

We will see you soon ...

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