Welcome at the homebase of the infamous corecast series.

Here you can enjoy all your musical pleasures with the finest selection of international artists, upcoming talents, oldschool gangsters in the scene,... you name it we bring it,... and this every month!

We started our series in 2016 with local belgian artists like Spike Ly, D-Fact, Jeffius, Syndrum, Dirty Tricks, ... to name a few.

After a few banging corecasts we took things to another level by going all international up in this baby.

Names like Triamer & Nagato, BSA, Hidden, the Satan, Edub and many more agreed to drop there tunes on our corecast series and many more are sure to follow.

Because of all the love and appreciation we received since the start of our series we will continue to keep it alive and kicking! 

Expect more legends and talented prospects to appear on our corecast series and blast you out of your seats.

Click on the corecast buttons for your selection and enjoy your musical journey !